San Francisco Victorian Homes

San Francisco has many diverse and unique attractions that draw more than 16 million visitors to its shorelines annually.  One of these revered destinations is the beautiful and historical Victorian-Edwardian architecture.

In order to learn more about these landmarks, I had the pleasure to join the San Francisco Victorian Tour recently.  It was a great experience and opened my eyes in regards to San Francisco’s obvious Victorian history.  I've learned about the Victorian era architecture of the city’s first suburb.  As we walked through the neighborhood of Lafayette Square, I also learned about Victorian lifestyles and San Francisco’s illustrious history.  Some steep streets and many fabulous views! 

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Why is modern architecture shifting towards minimalism?

When we talk about minimalism – what do we really mean by that? Simplicity became a way of life during the 20th century. Due to an overwhelming bombardment of colors and designs, our perception longed for simplicity.

If, for example, one were comparing a 19th century living room with a 21st century living room, we understand that all the playful attributes like storytelling clocks and bookshelves disappear within the 19:6 rectangle box called TV. The room surrounding those early TV consoles transformed into an almost sterile and flat living space, perhaps due to the hypnotic glow of the square box.

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