Architect Zaha Hadid designed the neofuturistic BMW Central building in Leipzig, Germany.

When Zaha Hadid Architects were chosen to design the Central Building for Leipzig’s BMW plant, it was crucial that the building successfully joined and integrated the already existing on-site production facilities.  Zaha describes her project best by stating: “This building was very interesting because it was the weaving of all the flow lines from the exterior to the interior and also the weaving in of blue-collar workers and white-collar workers and management and design and production all in one space.”  “We tried to build a large site as if it’s going to build over time because it is very layered, like it has an inherent archaeology.”  The building acts as the main nerve center of the plant, joining together the three main production facilities.  Cars move overhead, through the main building, not only above busier visitor’s heads, but also past the desks of managers, designers and specialists.    The open office space designs date back to the feel of the American 1970s.  It has a positive influence on workflow, teamwork and an open exchange of ideas.  Therefore the building embodies what has been called a “communication knot – funneling all movement around the manufacturing complex through a space that transcends conventional white collar/blue collar special divisions.”  

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