American neo-futuristic architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic dome in Miami.

Buckminster Fuller, Fly’s Eye Dome Prototype within the Miami Design District in Wynwood and at the Pérez Museum of Arts.

When you visit Miami, many places seem to attract public attention. Some of them, because of the substantial chauvinist, especially within the times of Miami’s “Cocaine Cowboys”. Other places emphasize the Latin American culture and the strong Cuban, Puerto Rican but also Haitian influence. By looking closer, the predominant cultural impact was given through Cuban

But being in Miami today, you will see a shift towards modernism embedded within the remaining myths and past existents. Miami is shifting rapidly, more than steadily, towards a 21st century mega city. Modern Megacities showcase not just culture and architecture but also and perhaps mostly an exclusive way of consumerism. Like it is in Los Angeles, more specifically Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, Miami showcases the just recently opened Wynwood’s Miami Design District. With the New Yorker developer and preservationist Tony Goldman, Midtown became what it is today, a vitalizing the Miami Design District, making it a popular arts destination for visitors from across the globe. 

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